Saturday, December 28, 2013

2 Hot Hairstyles for Hats

It’s time to bundle up, in other words, time to fight hat head. Whether topping off with a cashmere beanie, a ski helmet or a wide brimmed chapeaux, it’s all about preventing hat head. There are usually two camps - take control or submit – Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and education artistic director for Redken 5th Avenue, offers How To’s.

Take Control with a Ponytail
* Apply Redken iron shape 11 to create tact, control, and calm flyaways.
* Use a Sam Villa Signature Series Paddle Brush to smooth hair and brush a horseshoe section (from ear to ear) back and hold in place with hands at the back of the head (lower than center).
* Brush the remaining hair (from the nape to ears) up into hands, switching from one hand to another brushing both sides. Always brush to thumb to control position of ponytail, secure with a bungee or elastic.
* Wrap a small section from the ponytail around the bungee and secure with a grip.
* Backcomb tail to create natural texture.
* Finish with Redken control addict 28 to lock in texture in the tail and to control frizz and flyaway’s in smoother area of ponytail.
* Layer smooth area with a small amount of Redken glass 01 for that ultra sleek finish.

Submit with Messy Waves
* Use a horizontal section to part off the top and crown areas (they can be combined into one area) - clip hair up loosely.
* Take another horizontal section from the top of the ear to the other ear to separate the back and sides from the nape area - clip hair up loosely.
* Take a vertical section in the nape and elevate 90° from horizontal - size of section depends on the density of hair and volume of curl - smaller sections for thicker hair or more curl - 2-3 large sections in the nape should work well.
* Spray each section with Redken iron shape 11 for hold and heat protection.
* Hold the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr® flat iron parallel over the section - DO NOT close the iron. With the iron still open, flip 180° and move the iron down the section closing softly (more stubborn hair textures will require more tension). The speed determines the curl density – faster = less curl, slower = more curl.
* Unclip the back and sides.
* Use the same method as in the nape - vary the direction (towards the face or away from the face) flip through the back and sides, but make sure to turn the iron away from the face on the front section.
* Unclip the final area at the top and crown - in the crown area, sections will be pie shaped to maintain a vertical angle.
* Repeat – if the hat is staying on all day, focus more on the midshaft and ends, because the hat will cover the base. If the hat will be taken on and off, utilize the entire hairshaft.
* Finish by raking fingers through the waves to break up for a more lived in effect.
* Spray with Redken control addict 28 for moveable control.

By Chandler Rollins | 11/26/2013 1:22:00 PM  | Modern Salon

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bobby Pinning Tips

1. Get A Lift.  Use a row of bobby pins to sweep hair off of the face, opening up the eyes, cheekbones and jawline.  “Pinning hair in the right spot can really give features definition and lift,”

2. Tame the Bangs. Subdue errant strands with a bold row of bobbies.

3. Make a Bobby Band.  Pull hair back and secure it headband style by criss-crossing interlocking bobby pins from ear to ear. 

4. Get Crafty. Use your favorite nail polish to transform dull brown pins with chic shades of tangerine, fuchsia or turquoise. Whip out the glue stick and apply glitter or tiny colored stones.  Let your pins express the real you!

5. Half and Half.  Set hair on small rollers or a tiny curling iron to create massive, explosive texture.  Then add contrast by smoothing one side or the top of the hair with Redken Water Wax 03, and secure with a row of bobby pins.

6. Get Set.  Apply Redken Aerate 08 to damp hair, wind small sections into pincurls and secure with bobby pins.  Set the entire head.  At the end of the day, remove the pins and voila!  Large, firm, loopy, lovely curls!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Look 1: Simple Chic

Get The Look 
Shampoo and condition with Fresh Curls

Towel-dry hair (blot gently, don’t rub) and apply Soft Spin 05 curl-enhancing gel. Blow-dry using a diffuser, scrunching hair with your fingers to bring out curls.

Slip your headband over your head, letting it hang around your neck for now.

Gather hair into a low ponytail and twist into a bun. Bobby-pin in place. Don’t worry if pieces come loose – you want a slightly messy look.

Slip your headband up into place, and mist on Workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray for humidity resistance and control.

Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Step Diabetic Feet Maintenance Routine

1. Check your feet daily. Inspect the top, sides, bottoms, heels and between the toes.

2.   Have a mirror that is large enough to see the bottom of your foot and keep it either under your bed or in your bathroom.

3.  Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water and mild cleansers. Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes as infections can develop in moist areas.

4.   Test the temperature of the water before immersing your feet, because the normal ability to sense hot temperatures is usually lessened in diabetics; thus burns can occur easily.

5.  Soak your feet in lukewarm water to soften the nails before trimming. Do not cut your nails down close to the skin under the nail, or into the corners.

6.  Never push back your cuticles as cuticles form a protective barrier against infection.

7. Apply a moisturizer after bathing your feet. Because of skin changes associated with diabetes, your feet may become very dry and may even crack, potentially causing an infection. Soften dry skin by applying a non-greasy product such as Footlogix™ Mousse.

8.  Never use medicated commercial corn cures/pads as they can very easily damage the skin. 

9.   Exercise daily to promote good circulation.

10. Avoid sitting with legs crossed standing on one position for long periods of time as this slows blood circulation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Brides Year To Gorgeous

9-12 Months Before
o   Reserve your wedding day hair and makeup date for you and your bridal party.

6 Months Before
o   Schedule a consultation to:
-          Schedule your wedding trial date
-          Discuss long range beauty planning for your haircolor, hair texture and skin care
-          Schedule a series of pre-wedding haircolor services, every five to six weeks
-          Schedule a series of pre-wedding skin care treatments, once a month
-          Schedule a bachelorette salon/spa day                        

3 Months Before
o   Begin waxing/hair removal treatments, once every four to five weeks

1-2 Months Before
o   Bridal hair and makeup consultation and trial – bring photos of dress,k desired style, veil or headpiece, details on wedding style, colors, location

o   Bridal party hair and makeup consultation and trial – bring photos of dresses, desired style, details on wedding style, colors, location

o   Hair extension consultation

2-3 Weeks Before
o   Keratin smoothing treatment
o   Bridal haircut and final color service
o   Extension application
o   Bachelorette salon/spa day

1Week Before
o   Final waxing/hair removal treatment
o   Brow shaping/brow and lash tinting
o   Lash extensions
o   Groom and groomsmen haircuts

1 Day Before
o   Manicure
o   Pedicure
o   Facial
o   Sunless Tanning

Wedding Day
o   Bridal hairstyling and makeup application
o   Bridal party hairstyling and makeup application