Friday, December 18, 2015

14 Fixes For Your Frizzy Hair Follicles

ONLY LATHER UP A FEW TIMES A WEEK.  The natural oils that accumulate are good frizz fighters. In between washes, try a dry shampoo.

DEEP CONDITION. Unless you have extremely fine hair, wash with a deep conditioner or masque each time you wash and leave in for 5 min.

DON’T TOWEL DRY.  It roughs up the hair’s cuticle so it won't lay flat. Instead, press the water out of your hair with a super absorbent microfiber towel.

PROTECT YOURSELF WITH A HEAT-PROTECTING SPRAY. Hot tools can dry out the hair and cause the hair to look frizzy and frayed.

BUY A SOUPED UP IONIC BLOW DRYER AND BOAR BRISTLE ROUND BRUSH. Together they will calm your cuticle and smooth your locks. Brushing your hair regularly will help distribute its oils.

USE A CURLING IRON around a few frizzy strands if you have naturally curly hair.

APPLY A SILICONE SERUM as it smooth’s the hair cuticle. Try before you blowdry and a little afterwards. A little goes a long way!

GO LIGHT ON THE ALCOHOL PRODUCTS like mousse and strong hairsprays as they cause the hair cuticle to blow up and dry out. 

DON'T FORGET FLYAWAYS. Spritz with a light shine spray or Aragon Oil Spray.

SPRITZ A HUMIDITY CONTROL HAIRSPRAY to lock in your style Remember to spray lightly.

LET YOUR HAIR DRY 90% OF THE WAY BEFORE YOU BLOWDRY. Too much hot air focused directly on your strands dehydrates it, making it frizzy.

DE-FRIZZ WAVY HAIR BY PUTTING IT IN A BUN AFTER ITS DRY OR DEFINING YOUR WAVES WITH A CURLING IRON. Apply the dry oil from ends to midshaft, blow-dry put it in a bun if you want looser waves define your curls with a barrel iron.

PUT PRODUCT IN YOUR HAIR PRIOR TO YOUR WORKOUT. The sodium in your perspiration can dehydrate your hair, so it's always a good idea to apply a leave-in condition to your strands before working out. 

SLEEP IN A SILK SCARF IF YOUR HAIR IS SUPER TEXTURED. To keep your cotton pillowcase from sucking up all the moisture in your hair, wrap it up at night in a bun, and then tie on a silk scarf, which will retain moisture.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Six Hair Mistakes That Aging You & The Remedies To Fix Them

  1. Very dark color (unless you are naturally a very deep complexion): Try to soften your color by choosing a base color 1 or 2 shades lighter or add some highlights.
  2. Clinging to a once favorite cut or color: Try updating your style yearly, even if it’s a small adjustment.
  3. Going Hitchcock blonde: Fight that washed out look by adding some dimension to your look with some lowlights.
  4. Dry/Dull strands: Ease up on hot tools, apply a moisture mask once a week, shampoo every other day (rather than every day if you can), and try a cold water rinse after conditioning to reseal the cuticle.
  5. An overly sleek look: Try a few well-placed layers to add a little volume to your style. If you have naturally fine hair, try a volumizing mousse to spray at your roots before blow-drying.
  6. All in one length mane: Give your long locks some shape by adding long layers, side swept bangs, or go bold with a fashionable modern bob.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 Easy Ways To Create This Season’s It Styles

Braid & Twist: Like a Fashion Insider with Redken Braid Aid 03

Blow dry hair upside down for volume, then work braid aid 03 through the lengths. Gather hair to the side and braid loosely.


Apply braid aide 03 to dry hair. Create a French braid, stating at the nape and working around the head. Secure with an elastic band and pin in place.


Work Braid Aid 03 through your lengths. Divide hair at the nape and create two loose braids, starting just below your chin.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Find The Perfect - Redken Hairspray For Every Need!

Dry Finishing Spray To Hold A Full, Windswept Effect

Control Level: Mild

·         Airy, windswept texture
·         Weightless volume & fullness
·         Flexible soft-matte finish

Perfect For….
Sexy,. Tousled styles with airy volume


High impact Finish Spray Wax

Control Level: Medium

·         Instant undone texture
·         Tousled look
·         Body & dimension with a satin-matte finish

Perfect For….
Separation and definition for chic, choppy layers

Versatile Working Hairspray

Control Level: Medium

·         Medium control aerosol spray
·         Versatile formula for working, shaping and finishing styles flawlessly 
·         Fast-drying, fine-mist
·         24 hour humidity resistance and 8-hour control

Perfect For….
Layering and building styles that look natural, never too “done”


Backcombing Finishing Spray

Control Level: Medium

·         3 benefits in 1 bottle: volume, texture and control
·         Full-bodied matte finish
·         Horizontal mist for an easy backcombed effect

Perfect For….
Adding a full-bodied, teased finish-without teasing!

Instant Finishing Hairspray

Control Level: Medium

·         Firm hold and high shine
·         Fast-drying formula controls and completes any style
·         Healthy shine and long lasting control

Perfect For….
Chignons, sleek bobs and other styles that need resilient hold and shine

Super Strength Hairspray

Control Level: Medium

·         Lasting lift, shape memory and frizz-free shine
·         Strong hold with a touchable feel
·         24-hour humidity resistance and 8-hour control

Perfect For….
Blowouts, updos and any style that needs strong, invisible control

Extra High-Hold Hairspray

Control Level: Maximum

·         High hold
·         Long-lasting, traditional results
·         24-hour humidity resistance and 8-hour control

Perfect For….
Locking in looks with a traditional touch-think messy buns or high-fashion short cuts

Extreme High-Hold Hairspray

Control Level: Maximum

·         Highest hold. No crunch.
·         Long-lasting lift and body
·         Super-fine fast-drying mist
·         24-hour control and humidity protection

Perfect For….
Styles that need extreme staying power plus flexibility. Great for French twists or long, loose waves