Friday, August 23, 2013

10 Step Diabetic Feet Maintenance Routine

1. Check your feet daily. Inspect the top, sides, bottoms, heels and between the toes.

2.   Have a mirror that is large enough to see the bottom of your foot and keep it either under your bed or in your bathroom.

3.  Wash your feet every day with lukewarm water and mild cleansers. Dry feet thoroughly, especially between the toes as infections can develop in moist areas.

4.   Test the temperature of the water before immersing your feet, because the normal ability to sense hot temperatures is usually lessened in diabetics; thus burns can occur easily.

5.  Soak your feet in lukewarm water to soften the nails before trimming. Do not cut your nails down close to the skin under the nail, or into the corners.

6.  Never push back your cuticles as cuticles form a protective barrier against infection.

7. Apply a moisturizer after bathing your feet. Because of skin changes associated with diabetes, your feet may become very dry and may even crack, potentially causing an infection. Soften dry skin by applying a non-greasy product such as Footlogix™ Mousse.

8.  Never use medicated commercial corn cures/pads as they can very easily damage the skin. 

9.   Exercise daily to promote good circulation.

10. Avoid sitting with legs crossed standing on one position for long periods of time as this slows blood circulation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Brides Year To Gorgeous

9-12 Months Before
o   Reserve your wedding day hair and makeup date for you and your bridal party.

6 Months Before
o   Schedule a consultation to:
-          Schedule your wedding trial date
-          Discuss long range beauty planning for your haircolor, hair texture and skin care
-          Schedule a series of pre-wedding haircolor services, every five to six weeks
-          Schedule a series of pre-wedding skin care treatments, once a month
-          Schedule a bachelorette salon/spa day                        

3 Months Before
o   Begin waxing/hair removal treatments, once every four to five weeks

1-2 Months Before
o   Bridal hair and makeup consultation and trial – bring photos of dress,k desired style, veil or headpiece, details on wedding style, colors, location

o   Bridal party hair and makeup consultation and trial – bring photos of dresses, desired style, details on wedding style, colors, location

o   Hair extension consultation

2-3 Weeks Before
o   Keratin smoothing treatment
o   Bridal haircut and final color service
o   Extension application
o   Bachelorette salon/spa day

1Week Before
o   Final waxing/hair removal treatment
o   Brow shaping/brow and lash tinting
o   Lash extensions
o   Groom and groomsmen haircuts

1 Day Before
o   Manicure
o   Pedicure
o   Facial
o   Sunless Tanning

Wedding Day
o   Bridal hairstyling and makeup application
o   Bridal party hairstyling and makeup application