Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Six Hair Mistakes That Aging You & The Remedies To Fix Them

  1. Very dark color (unless you are naturally a very deep complexion): Try to soften your color by choosing a base color 1 or 2 shades lighter or add some highlights.
  2. Clinging to a once favorite cut or color: Try updating your style yearly, even if it’s a small adjustment.
  3. Going Hitchcock blonde: Fight that washed out look by adding some dimension to your look with some lowlights.
  4. Dry/Dull strands: Ease up on hot tools, apply a moisture mask once a week, shampoo every other day (rather than every day if you can), and try a cold water rinse after conditioning to reseal the cuticle.
  5. An overly sleek look: Try a few well-placed layers to add a little volume to your style. If you have naturally fine hair, try a volumizing mousse to spray at your roots before blow-drying.
  6. All in one length mane: Give your long locks some shape by adding long layers, side swept bangs, or go bold with a fashionable modern bob.

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